This Web-App has two purposes, the first being to find the best way to GET to an Island you KNOW about and the second is to find a new Island you DON'T know about (and then get you there). In both cases the "get" involves Flights, Ferries and Hotels - then with those boring logistics out of the way it allows you to DISCOVER these Islands with stunning 360 panoramas and other multi-media.

There are so many Greek Islands that even the experts can't agree with the numbers, for example Wiki tells us "the number of inhabited islands is variously cited as between 166 and 227".

Whatever the number, it can be said that for EACH Island there are several options for actually GETTING there depending on such choices as cost vs time, month of year, day of week etc etc.

This Web-App provides what Homer's Odysseus could only dream about which is a Helper to plan your holiday to an Island or several Islands (Ferry Hopping), and in fact it takes you to some suggested Blue Flag Beach Safaris that might just be what you need to get some social distancing, "far from the madding crowd" taking that sunset selfie on Santorini.

But let's USE the example of Santorini to demonstrate how this all works (after you OPEN the Web-App here or above/below)

  1. In Frame 1 Select (the Airport)
  2. In Frame 2 Select where you can search for Flights direct to Santorini from anywhere in the world.
  3. Also in Frame 2 Select where you can search for Ferries to the other Islands in the "Santorini Cluster" of Ios, Folegandros, Milos, Sifnos and Serifos (as well as explore getting to Santorini by Ferry).
  4. Then in Frame 2 Select eg (the Island) and in Frame 3 and Frame 4 we go from boring logistics to exciting discoveries for each Island (as well as a Hotel Search).

The Web-App allows you to make DIRECT searches for 42 Islands via 11 Airports which covers the vast majority of holiday choices people traditionally make, but if you wish to explore other possibilities the tools provided give you a "heads up" for that further research.

For the record the Airports are Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Kavala, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos, Samos, Heraklion, Chania and Zakynthos while the Islands are Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Kea, Syros, Serifos, Paros, Milos, Folegandros, Ios, Santorini, Syros, Naxos, Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, Symi, Rhodes, Crete (in 4 segments), Salamis, Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Corfu, Paxi, Lefkada, Kefallonia, Zakynthos, Kythira, Skiathos, Alonnisos, Skopelos, Skyros, Lemnos, Lesbos, Chios, Samos and Ikaria.

So please OPEN the Web-App here or select the ferry door above.